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Employment Services Sector (2022)

I currently sit on a senior leadership team responsible for procuring new employment services contracts in Ontario. My key contributions to this committee involved the following:

- Delivering high-quality marketing materials and videos promoting client successes in the region

- Developing presentations and assisting in strategic planning for bid proposals

Downtown Dartmouth
Expansion Project (2021 - 2022)

I spent two years as a marketing advisor on a committee dedicated to expanding and rejuvenating the Downtown Dartmouth Waterfront. My key contributions to this committee involved the following:

- Led the branding of each phase of the project

- Helping to secure key partnerships and sponsorships

- Organizing committee and community events to raise money, build buy-in, and create a project strategy

As a senior leader, I've been proud to generate new revenue streams and business opportunities for the organizations I've worked for. The below is a sample of achievements from the past three years:



Business Development

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I helped launch online revenue streams for Alderney Landing within a week of the first shutdown. Highlights of that program include:

- Earning appx $30,000 per week in revenue

- Serving appx 72,000 customers

- Helping 90+ local small businesses stay open during the pandemic

- Being featured in Provincial and Federal government publications as an example of an innovative and community-centred business development project during the COVID-19 shutdowns

- In part due to this project, no core staff at Alderney Landing were laid off during the pandemic 

Alderney Landing
Online Market (2020)

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